Building habits.

It’s all about baby steps. 

I know it’s been a while. And it isn’t the first time I do this either. All I can say is that life hasn’t been easy lately (and my attitude had only made it worse). 

All I have to say right now, and I say it because I’m sure of what I wanna do with my life is this: 

“As a story builder I am confident in the power my stories got to communicate ideas and take down stereotypes by bringing honesty, respect and tolerance to the people who reads them.

The opinions I provide are unique because they come from a place of LOVE, not focusing on simply gaining something for right now but to help develop thoughts and questions for further investigation.

I want people to realize there are as many types of badass/sexy/cool/beautiful as stars in the sky.

Now, why do I come with this out of the blue? Because I’ve been doing a self-discovery challenge on FB. 

Go on, laugh. I would, lol. 

Some people are blessed to know whay they want to do at a very young age. Others take a bit of time but eventually get it. Some, like me, need an extra push at some point but don’t worry. 

I’ll get there.

Take care,

Mitikiwostky ❤


The Legend of the Sword

Everybody who knows me knows how much I like movies. I look forward in my life to one day make a movie myself or sell a story to have it made. Therefore, I am constantly watching all kinds of movies. To learn about photography, editing, graphic design, music, direction,

Therefore, I am constantly watching all kinds of movies. To learn about photography, editing, graphic design, music, direction, character development and writing. I could even say my favorites are horror, sci-fi and suspense/thriller, even thou action and drama have a very important place on my list.

As a writer, one of my favorite things to do is reading. All kinds of books. From fantasy to erotica, to comedy to biographies, you name it. So it shouldn’t be a surprise one of my favorite things to do is read something and find out if there are movies/series about it. Or watch something interesting on TV and look if there are books about it, works this way too.

By doing this I’ve found pretty awesome things I became a fan of. But this post is about a subject I’ve been into since I was a kid: King Arthur. I don’t even remember how old I was when I first saw the movie Excalibur but I do can tell you I’ve been reading/watching whatever is related to it since then. Documentaries, movies, series, novels… Judging by the amount of stuff you can find about it, clearly, I am not the only one who finds it fascinating.

Now, to be fair, let me specify on this: the legend of King Arthur is a tale. There isn’t any reliable proof that he actually existed and by the time the story got on paper, it had already been many generations who pass it down verbally, so there isn’t really a wrong ot right way to tell this story. Either way, I can’t really begin to describe how much it bothers me when they make a movie about him and it feels they just read the quick summary on Wikipedia.

The movie ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ is a good movie. If you think of it as a whole different King Arthur.

-Mordred was King Arthur’s son with his half-sister, Morgan. Nasty I know, but it does make me wonder where the hell is she?

-Merlin was the wizard who was always helping and protecting Arthur, but I’ll be fair: that chick in the movie was pretty badass.

-And even thou Jude Law made an excellent role on the villain, forgive me but I couldn’t shake up all the other series and movies I’ve seen about King Arthur. What happened to Gueniviere and Lancelot? The spin Richie brought to the story is quite amazing but I rather see people fight

The spin Richie brought to the story is quite amazing but I rather see people fight against their inner demons than the outher ones. The reason why Arthur started weakening was the betrayal from his best friend and his own wife. Call me dramatic, or maybe even evil, but that’s how I like my King Arthur.

But I will admit Guy Richie brought a really interesting, refreshing twist. And I’m not even gonna talk about how much I enjoy watching Charlie Hunnam… However, if you feel like watching something closer to the legend, without the twists, watch a series called Camelot, which sadly got canceled and never finished. I think that’s a curse for low-budget series that compete for airtime with others that get to invest millions by episodes… #ohwell

See you soon,


While I’ve been gone…

Hello again, my pretties!

Here’s a list of things that had happened in my life since my last post.

-a month has passed since I return from Mexico, and sometimes I wish I was still there.

-GOT started Season 7 last Sunday… but a part of me still feels empty as I wait for Vikings to resume their raidings (on November).

-I’ve watched King Arthur (Legend of the Sword) and The Bad Batch.

One of the good things I can say about TBB is having Jason Momoa shirtless throught the entire movie. It wasn’t a bad movie but I wouldn’t recommend it to just anybody. To all those mainstreamers out there: if you’re into indie films, with a good soundtrack, a good choice of wardrobe (besides shirtless Jason Momoa) and a really good cinematography work, then by all means give TBB a shot! If not, read my post next week. KA:LotS deserves a whole post for itself but not because I liked it…

-my fanfic “The Beauty and the Boneless” on Wattpad just reached its 25K reads and 900 votes! #awyeah

-for the past few weeks I’ve been working really hard on getting back all the disciples I’ve lost. From doing exercises, to getting my ass back to yoga, to drawing everyday, to finishing a few projects I’ve left hanging for far too long. Quoting Rihanna: “Gotta werk. Werk. Weeerk!”

-and my novel “Tomahawks and Tembleque” has been live on Amazon for four months now. Wow. I’m not gonna talk about the numbers (which I haven’t revised as I’m afraid I might be disappointed) but those doesn’t change this statement: I’m an author. This don’t mean I’ll stop striving to be traditionally published one day, but if feels really good! But I do have to admit there were things I wish I had done differently… This subject is also worth an indiviadual post.


So there you have it. Pretending to be a functional adult is difficult. But not as hard as realizing you’re life is slowly filling up with crap you actually hate. Time to put on my big girl panties.

XO, Milady


Well, first of all, if I was to be honest about my story, let me begin with the fact I never really thought I’d be interested in going to México. Not that I had anything against the country when I was younger, but it always seemed similar enough to my home-country for me to say “Naaaaah, I rather go places with snow or exotic food/animals”.

Boy, was I wrong about that.

Especially if I also remind myself I never really thought (imagined or even considered) I’d be volunteering on a Bible translation project. I guess that when God said He’ll show us “great and mighty things”, of which we know nothing about, He ain’t kidding. And just to make a point, let me drop this little fun-fact right: with MAST, He’s already taken me to two different countries this year, and that’s more than what I’ve previously travel consecutively in my 29-years of life.

How is that relevant? First, I’m currently unemployeed. So if you think getting funds for this (and the rest of my expenses) isn’t a provision miracle, you can stop reading now. Second, I always wanted to travel, and formerly having a low-paying job and a student loan to take care of, I’m sure you can see how that traveling plans are pretty much unnachievable dreams -without His help. And third, I’ve always had an affinity with Native Indian cultures. My interests do mostly tilt to North American tribes, but I always hoped and wish I’d get the chance to work with some Natives. Guess what? Only in México, I got the chance to meet people from the Mixtecs (Yutanduchi and Peñoles), Mixes, Tzotzils, Huicholes (accurately called Wixaricas) and Mayas from Yucatán.

Yes, Mayas. The ones we read A LOT on our Junior-High School’s World History class.

So, in His very own and wonderful way, I got my wishes. And more. I’m not gonna say the whole trip was peaches and cream, because it wasn’t, but judging by other’s stories about missionary trips I’ve been told, we got it relatively easy so I’m not gonna complain.

I’m kind of a passionate person, so it’s fair for me to say I do have a character and opinions that often clash against others. I do prefer to avoid conflicts but there are times when I do have to speak up. But if there was something I’d like to change from the Oaxaca adventure, I’d say it would be for us (and I mean all of the team) to soften up the responses and be respectful with each others. We ALL got things to work on, and being considerate to others is a good start. We all are older than 18-years-of-age, so let’s act like it. There are times when we can’t do something to help, no matter how much we’d like to, but that’s not an excuse to be rude to your teammates. A life is a life, and cruelty is wrong; but this is only my opinion.

In the end, I’m glad I was on this trip because it brought up a lot of questions for me to resolve. Did it showed me there are people I absolutely rather not work with, if I get a saying on it? Sure, but working for the Lord is more important than my ego or commodity -I’ll live. Bible translation isn’t about traveling the world or getting disconnected from reality (which, by the way, in my case the latter certainly is). No, to me Bible translation is giving back a little bit of gratitude for the sacrifice Jesus did for me on the Cross. Will I ever get to pay Him in full for it? Definitively no, but it is a good start for me while I get to know who He is (and who am I in Him) better every day.

What the Mapogo brothers taught me.

It’s 12:34AM.

And I don’t feel like sleeping. I should because tomorrow I’ll be at the airport most of the day, but instead am sitting in my bed. 

Trying to forget the noises a lion was making as he was being shred to pieces by a pair of rivals. 

Not only reminds me why I decided to stop watching Discovery/Animal Planet years ago (as a baby elephant was getting killed by a group of hyenas) but it also brings a realisation to my heart.

I was not made to sit down and watch evil happen and not do nothing. It shatters my heart to see pain and suffering, something I know I won’t be able to rid the world of…but will certainly not hurt to at least be kind to others. 

As you can tell, I’m more of a dreamer than an environmentalist. I dunno how it is for people at those parks work with animals for years…but I honestly think somebody should have taken out a gun and put that poor lion out of his misery. It was cruel not to do so. He was already wounded and agonizing. 

Could they not interfere? What’s humanity for if we don’t exercise our morality? To kill him would have been humane. 

But what do I know? I was not there. And if I had, I would have lost the scene because if I can’t interfere, I would have turned around and left. 

Guess this is another reason why I didn’t studied veterinary medicine or biology. And I wasn’t even watching the damn documentary! My mother was. I was in my room. Getting my last minute things ready and crying because of an animal I didn’t even met. 

The one am specifically talking was called Kinkytail. And I’m pretty sure none of those scientist and rangers in Africa ever imagined a Puertorrican girl would be writing about him, especially about five years after his death.

But I am.

I know how cruel and raw nature is on a daily basis. Trust me, I saw enough docs in my time, but what can I do? It’s the way things are.

And this is the way God made me. Honest. Loving. Emotional. 


Officer Johnson

Premise to a Future Story

4:15 AM

The almost inaudible sound of the night, at the verge of almost ending, fills the house softly as the breeze filters through the windows. Early-rising crickets and birds flutter outside in the greenery as Officer Johnson sleeps placidly. His silky bed sheets kindly caress his hard, ripped body as he numbly shift from side to side in expectation; after all his well-trained physique knows the hour to get up is close. Then suddenly, the soft melody of the alarm, an instrumental version of the ‘Bittersweet Symphony,’ plays from the other side of the room. Officer Johnson would always leave his alarm clock just far enough from bed to have him actually get up to turn it off. He knew well how to play against temptation, and he liked to play hard.

The routine, his routine, would go like this: Officer Johnson would get up from bed lazily and zombie-walked towards the music to shut it off. He’d drink sixteen ounces of room-temperature water, from a bottle that waited on him since the previous night, and he would chug it down slowly to activate his internal organs while replenishing the lost hydration after nine consecutive hours of sleep. Then he would go towards the bathroom, where he would ~discharge~ while looking at a classical painting print on the wall next to the toilet. The one he’d recently hanged, one of his favorites, was a peaceful piece from an European painter. It depicted a scene were a group of young ladies were bathing in a pond, looking like gorgeous nymphs, which reminded him the importance of hygiene and good appearance. After flushing his fluids (or solids), Johnson would proceed to brush his teeth with a fluoride-free toothpaste and rinse his mouth a minty-fresh mouthwash to finish.

Right after that, Johnson would go to the balcony, still wearing nothing but the boxers on which he slept, and he would proceed to do his yoga stretching routine. Many years ago, while he lived on a different state, one of his neighbors would come out and sit on her balcony chair to look at him during his work-outs. At first it had been weird, but the lady had been open enough to tell him to his face: “Yes, I am staring at you. So what?” when he confronted her.

Her husband, a veteran called David, had found it all quite amusing. “That’s okay, son. With those arms, I’d also look at you” he admitted to Johnson, one afternoon over a couple of beers at the sidewalk in front of their houses.

Officer Johnson had felt extremely confused at the comment. “Doesn’t it bother you? To have her stare at other men so freely?” he asked. Growing up at a conservative family had been both a challenge and a blessing, but having such free-spirited people was surely a shock for anyone on their right mind.

Not really” David replied calmly. “Men like you are the reason why I get to have fun several times a week” he said with a thundering laugh.

Now, since he had no houses close enough to have anybody supervise his workout, Johnson had to confess that he missed the lady. Mrs. Parker would bake him a pie, a demonically delicious pie, in exchange of him burning all those calories in plain sight. The agreement had never been carved on stone, or even officially spoken, but somehow they’d managed to get to it down and dirty. Several years, and a drastic change on his dietary habits, had passed since the very last time he ate one of those sinful pies. Nowadays, Officer Johnson felt confident enough to say he didn’t needed sugar any longer.

As soon as his first twenty-minute routine was due, and thick drops of sweat would slide down the ridges of his body, Johnson would walk to the shower and bathe himself in a fruit-based shower gel and scrub his whole big self to eliminate impurities. He would proceed to apply organic-based moisturizing lotions on his body and face, but on the lather only after washing off a deep cleansing masque -made with sea salt and collagen- that he’d wear for five whole minutes.

He would proceed cook the breakfast he’d been eating for only God knows how long, but he would never grow tired of eating: toasty side-up eggs, zucchini, spinach, tomatoes and peppers fried on coconut oil, with some bacon on the side and a cup of sugarless coffee. Sometimes there were days when he wanted to misbehave, and then he would add avocado to the veggies. Of course that wasn’t really misbehaving, it was just eating a little bit more than usual… What a rebel he could be!

And finally, after cleaning the messy kitchen and making the bed, officer Johnson would jump on his skin-tight, ready-for-running police uniform and would head out into the misty morning, to jog his way to the station and begin his day as a proud member of the Paleo Police. “Watch out, you processed bullshit” he said as he put on his mirror-like sunglasses. “I’m gonna kick your teeth in.”

*I’m not saying I’ll get to work with Dwayne Johnson to film this anytime soon…but you never know what’s for me in the future right? Expect plenty of scenes of him shirtless if it does happens. 





As some of you already know, a few weeks ago, I published my first book Amazon and just today it’s completely of charge!!

It’s called Tomahawks and Tembleque, a love story between a stubborn Caribbean inmigrant and a determined Native American.

It would be amazing if you could leave a little feedback or reviews when you’re done. Please and thank you!

Happy reading!!


Idaline ❤

Green means GO!


Abigail didn’t stop moving until she realized she got to a street she’d never, ever been to. For a moment she even forgot she wasn’t in Puerto Rico anymore. Her hometown Guaynabo, a place she knew well, was far away and only then she remembered she had no idea how to get back to the hotel or to at least the street she originally came from. “Uuugh! 😦 What was the darn name?!” Abigail stopped in front of a cute French-looking coffee shop, with white wire decorations and pots with many colorful flowers, to lament her stupidity while backtracking her way back to the Four Points on her GPS. With soundless steps and a very powerful presence, she felt a figure stop to stand right in front of her. A normal person would have looked up, but Abigail wasn’t known as abby_normal7191 on for nothing! ‘Stupid, stupid’ she told herself as she kept her eyes focused on the cellphone. Google Maps! Amazon! Weather?! Show me anything!

“Hey” he said.

Poor Abigail face-palm her mind’s face so hard her nose would have bled if it had been in real life, and decided to bury her attention even deeper on the cell’s screen. “Hola” she answered in Spanish softly, after clearing her throat. She began looking up front with caution and noticed a few details of his clothes she’d failed to see before. Cut-out black jeans, old stained biker boots and a Ramones white t-shirt with a leather jacket. ‘OMG! He’s punk!<3’ Abigail bit her lip and swallowed slowly. Her heartbeats felt so hard on her chest, she could have sworn he might be able to hear it clearly.

“If… you think I’m really cute, why you are ignoring me?” He asked as he began to side step and hunt down her eyes from all possible angles. Back when he was in high school he would have used his hand to softly caress her face and have her look up at him. How much girls had liked that! But that was then. And this is now.

“I am not ignoring you” she said, turning off the cell and putting it back on her pocket. She could only runaway so far, so Abigail looked up and forgot her entire life for a moment. Name? Roberta. Age? Legal. SSN? PFFFT! Sex? Yes, please! She admired in detail his beautiful facial structure in deep, corny silence. Yes, he had long and perfect black hair, loose and natural behind his ears. Dark and deep eyes, almost as dark as the hair; several piercings in both ears, including plugs, and the twin snake bites in his lower lip.Chiseled features, straight out of a Western movie… #sosexy “I was uhm… answering a text.”

“Hmm…right.” He looked down and then back up again, with the cutest side smile on his face that Abigail had ever seen on a living person. 

He had a weird, strong accent she’d never heard, sort of like coffee with too little milk. But of course, she’d never spoken with a Native American before and the truth is you should NEVER let yourself be guided by Hollywood movies. This guy didn’t look like Maguas a tall, but more like an even hotter version of Uncas. Maybe even the bad-ass baby brother of Mani. ‘Oh, yeah :)’ His t-shirt was a perfect fit with his body, not too loose but tight enough for her to notice he seemingly had a strong chest and a good shoulder line. #alabáloquevive “Can I, ahem, help you?” she asked with a fake sense of confidence, after a long silence. Not that she was annoyed by that, they were having a cute exchange of smiles and stares and he hadn’t made a sigh to be annoyed by that either.#suspicious

They found themselves at an apparent insidious situation… Abigail, the lost tourist. And Oz, the kindly local Native.


“Would you like to have some…?” he began inclining his head to the side. His hands were in his pockets, a rare gesture that could be easily confused with flirting. But she wasn’t gonna let him play around,he noticed almost instantly when…

“What?”she asked before he finished, with a bit more attitude than needed.Her eyebrows hardened a tad and her shy smile left her face for a second or two. 

He raised his arms in surrender and laughed. “Coffee. There” he pointed at the French coffee shop behind them, just a few steps away.

He continued smiling, as if making fun of her but not offensively.Abigail blushed a bit and scratched the back of her head lightly. “Sorry.

“Why?”he asked. He stuck his tongue out at her and she noticed he also had a piercing there.

Oh, Lordy! “Sure. Let’s go get some coffee” she answered trying to control her embarrassment -and growing desires.

They entered the store, Abigail first because he opened the door for her. Differently from the street, the coffee shop had a homely feeling thanks to the warm and cozy temperature. That was surely possible thanks to the various huge ovens they had behind the counter with sweets in-the-making. And right there in front, next to the cashier and the barista, a long line of showcases with crystal panes -filled with cookies, muffins, cakes and such- flooded the clients’ eyes. 
Piercings-guy joined the line, and Abigail followed him. She started to look at the menu on the wall hoping to find her favorite. She had a short neck,and a cheeky face, making her look like a cute little turtle. Not that he would say that anytime soon… “What are you gonna get?” he asked, also staring at the menu. Nothing that he wanted there. Ugh.

“Probably nothing, can’t see French Vanilla anywhere…”

“Why don’t you sit down and I call you when it’s our turn?”


Abigail chose a seat near the window, a comfy green couch that looked at the street and waited for him to call. For a moment she believed he must have been joking, he was taking too long but Abigail did not dare to look back. Surely he left and I’m here all alone waiting…but then a big mug of coffee appeared magically in front of her face,on an arm full of beautiful full-black tats. 
The guy had taken off his jacket, he had it over his shoulder, and now she could see he had a sleeve of totemic tattoos from his wrist all the way up to his shirt’s sleeve. “Is that a full sleeve or just the forearm?”

Oz was genuinely surprised at the question, most chicks ask to touch the tat instead of pretending to have a non-sexual interest in it. “Full. It takes a bit of my chest, back and trapezoid too.”

“Hot…” she said zipping at the hot liquid and slightly burning her lips. The pain of shame and awkwardness. o.O

“Thank you. ^_^” he dropped his jacket on the table in front of them and sat down next to her. “I’d show you, but you know public places.”

“To be frank, I know nothing of Canada’s public places.” She answered. Abigail then asked him why he didn’t call her back to the line, as he said he would.

“Megh”he answered shrugging his shoulders and raising his feet to the table. Oz stared plainly at her, put his arm on the back of the couch behind her, but was very careful not to touch her. ‘Move slowly,Oz. Slowly.’

Abigail looked around to see if she had been put under custody inside a fishbowl or if she maybe had a big flashy sign on top of her head. The way he stared made her feel… well, she didn’t even know howto describe it. “What?” she asked plainly. ‘It isn’t surely attraction…’. Good luck didn’t just happen to her. Right?

“Nothing” he replied as he thought that she was really odd. Not as in fucked up odd (so far), but sort of interesting –and pretty odd. She had caught his attention with something as simple as a wink, and now didn’t even dare to look at his face. The chick kept sucking on her lip while trying not to stare at his piercings when he spoke and he couldn’t help to wonder how soft the skin of her legs might be.

“Thanks for the coffee, ahem, by the way” she whispered with lowered eyes.The coffee was perfectly delicious, and now she would relate the flavor to his good looks, probably for a long time after today.Abigail raised her eyes at him, only to meet those dark stings hardly fixed on her.

“You’re welcome” he bit his lower lip slowly as soon as her eyes went up to his face. Oz noticed how she took a deep breath and smiled for himself. Seduction 101.

#notepongasfrescopapeh “So?” she asked, after clearing her throat. Abigail crossed her legs and moved to a more comfortable position. ‘What am I doing?What do I do?’

“You are here because…?”

“I thought it would be fun to spend some time with you.”


He shrugged again, giving no vocal answer.

“Sorry to disappoint you.”

“I’ve not gone anywhere” he said, giving her a(nother) side smile to die for.

Touché, Mr. Native American. Touché
. Abigail finished her coffee while they spoke about different things. She told him about her reason to be in Canada: vacations. A completely impertinent lie, but he didn’t needed to know she was looking for a job and new life. Holding back some private details to a complete ~HOT~ stranger isn’t necessary lying, but more like a precaution for the time being.

And Oz told her he was a member of a tribe about five hours away from the city. “Lived there most of my life.” 

“A five hour drive? Wow!” That reminded her of those rare occasions when her family decided to take a small road-trip to Ponce or Mayagüez. She loved those family escapades (for the trip, not the company) but sadly, most the time it was only to see a few things in the town;such as a closing store with all inventory on clearance or to eat at a ‘different’ place other than McDonald’s or Wendy’s –like fucking BK.

“It’s not that bad. Rather come here every now and then, than to drive over to Whitehorse for any kind of reason.”

“Where’s that?”

“Yukon province.”

“Isn’t that right next to Alaska?”


Things began to get interesting between them but as they attempted to talk about books, music and movies, he received a text message. “Is that Rammstein?” Abigail could have sworn she recognized Feuir Frei tune as his ringtone.

“I am very impressed. :P” he said as he got up to leave after reading.”It’s been really nice to hang out with you, but I really need to go now.” Oz turned and started walking towards the door, sweet booty swaying inside those tights jeans.

Abigail was negatively awestruck. Was he in rush to meet up with his kitty-cat girlfriend? Or more precisely said, the she-wolf? “Oye!”she called after him. “Aren’t you gonna ask for my phone number?”she asked from the couch. Humiliating. So very much.

“Oh, well. Since you seem so interested to keep in touch…” He walked back and handed her a small folded paper he took out of his pocket. “…here you have it ;)”
‘Idiot!>:/’ she said to herself as she took the paper from his hand. Abigail added his number on her contact list -knowing that if she waited to do it later, she would most likely loose the damn paper-and smiled. ‘Oz’ seemed to be his name. “What kind of a name…?”she started but didn’t finish. When she looked up to where he’d been standing, the gorgeousness of man had already gone. Abigail looked around, but he was nowhere to be seen inside the shop. Only a few other clients and two employees remained.


She turned to look at the window and found him there, outside, staring at her with a wide mockingly smile. He waved goodbye and walked away,his eyes still fixed on hers. ‘It’s like he knows me already…’

‘What’s an adventure without a mystery?’ he told himself. Oz walked away, thinking on how he would decipher her secrets. Ben and Joe will be pleased to know she caught his attention enough to give her his number. He winked at her one last time and got lost amidst the people in the street. “Now to wait for her call…”

Abigail got up to leave the coffee shop, with a wide smile on her face, when the cashier called for her from behind the counter. A cute skinny kid with chubby cheeks and spiky strawberry blonde hair. The shirt dangled loosely around his arms, but on his chest and waist fitted nicely, because of the coral pink apron he wore. And the closer she walked to him, the more Abigail was sure his flushed cheeks were the result of expertly applied make up. “Can I have the number too?”

“Nope :)”

“I mean his, not yours.”

“Lol! In your dreams, buddy. >:D”


Hello everyone!! I know, I know, I’ve been MIA for long enough not to even bother share the reason why so I’ll just move on. 

The little lecture above it’s part of the book I recently published on Amazon Kindle, I am sooooooooo exited! Did you guys enjoyed it? 

I’ll be leaving the link to the sales page here, in case any of you feel curious to know how things go for Oz and Abigail after the coffee shop. Also you can reach out to me on the comments or DMs, I’m in need of reviews…

Thank you for taking the time to read this, have a good day!